A Feeling Called Familiarity

Music is what feelings sound like


5819184201_df0392f0e7_bRemember that feeling when a song takes you away into an entirely different place?

Articulation is the art of putting a story forward without coating it with filters. Music, thus, is the purest form of articulation. It clearly is the most divine, beautiful and serene gift from God. The only language, oddly enough to be understood and loved by over millions of identities in our world – all apart yet all together united by a mutual feeling.

Music. A Feeling Called Familiarity.

“Without music, life would be a mistake” – Freidrich Nietzsche

World Music Day is celebrated every year on June 21st. Surprisingly, it started in the form of a French music festival called Fete de la Musique  in 1981 by French minister of culture Jack Lang. Fast forward to present day, more than 32 countries worldwide are celebrating their love for music today. To kick your musical plans into top gear, Hauz Khas Village Traders’ Association has joined hands with Alliance Française de Delhi and have roped in over 20 venues in the capital to host events, live jams, musical sessions and much more to promote the diversity of music.

Bollywood fraternity, on the other hand, has turned to social media for celebrations. Legendary singer and musician Hariharan will unite with the likes of Arijit Singh, Rekha Bhardwaj, Sajid Wajid to perform as a treat for their fans on this special occasion. This event will go live on Facebook and fans would be able to connect with their musical heroes on their respective pages. Acclaimed Indian bands like Parikrama and Indian Ocean will also be headlining events and are set to enthrall audiences at Hard Rock Cafe in Bengaluru, Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad and Pune. The events will also see performances from artists like Amit Trivedi, Benny Dayal, Euphoria among others.

Play the moments, Pause the memories

Stop the pain, Rewind the happiness

Music can not only change our mood, it can also change the way we think. Quite literally, numerous studies have proven that listening to music is one of the few activities which involve more than 65% of our brain capacity. Our listening choices can determine our personality types. In another interesting study, it was proven that people who listen to Blues music are creative, easy going and have high self esteem as compared to people who prefer listening to Indie music being less creative, not gentle and with lower self esteem (exceptions, acknowledged). One study showed that children who learned playing an instrument for more than 3 years performed better in reasoning, aptitude, vocabulary, non-verbal reasoning skills and motor responses.

To put it fairly, music is far more diverse and deep a feeling to measured by surveys and research papers, it is a profound emotion whose magnitude cannot be measured in terms and units of science and psychology. Music is what feelings sound like. Period.

As life goes by a day at a time, would you pause and choose to get lost for a while. Would you wander away from the mundane and immerse yourself into deep, unmitigated joy for some time? If the answer is affirmative, have a happy World Music Day!

Tune In, Drop Out!




Author: sharmandbharat

is in that space between music and silence.

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