Ramzan – Fast, Feast and Celebrate!

It’s that time of the year again! Muslims across the world celebrate Ramzan, the holiest month in the year according to Islam. Abstaining from food and water in the day, their faith restrains them to eat only two meals a day – the pre-dawn ‘sehri’ and the post-dawn ‘iftaar’. This is considered as a way to practice forbearance and self-control.

Delhi comes alive during the month of Ramzan and fuels the fire in foodies’ bellies. The bustling lanes are filled with delicious aromas of mouth-watering delicacies. Food aficionados flock in large numbers here and are found feasting around the streets and soaking in the diversity. The cultural amalgamation is nothing short of magnificent, with wafting aromas from different food stalls and leisurely floating visitors in old world gullies.

We decided to head towards the streets to sample the flavors and put together a list of our MUST try delicacies during Ramzan. Feel like tantalize your food buds? Scroll Below!

Ustaad Mouniddin Kabab

116Looking for the best beef kebabs in town? Look no further! This is the ultimate haven for all your beef fantasies. The old Ustad Moinuddin is long retired, but his legacy remains. Stop here for its cheap but succulent kebabs which are a melt-in-your mouth affair. They have just the right balance if flavors, being neither too spicy nor too bland. Hits the right buttons, this!


Best-Biryani-in-DelhiUndoubtedly, the most popular culinary destination for food lovers in Delhi, Karim exudes a charm that is hard to recreate. The scrumptious mutton seekh kebab and roast chicken are winners. You just can’t enjoy kebabs and curries on their own – you’ll need some bread to complement them and we found the perfect match in – ‘sheermal’ Slightly sweet and precisely fluffy, shermal is different from the usual roti/naan affair and perfectly complements the spices.

 Haji Mohammad Hussain

img_4412At Haji Mohammad, one simply cannot miss the Fried Chicken. Juicy bits of chicken are marinated in spices, coated with chickpea flour and fried golden. The crispy texture with moist insides has won many hearts. It is served with a red chutney that can put your mouth on fire. During Ramzan, they also serve succulent ‘Keema Golis‘ (minced meat served with onions). If you reach here around Iftar time, you’ll manage to get your hands on them.

 Aslam Chicken Corner

049e0f1987477ce63c1be343fd68add6_1466752951They are famed for adding their twist to the good ol’ recipe of chicken tikka a.k.a. ‘tasla‘. While the tikka is being grilled, huge pans of butter are heated next to it. The chicken tikka comes laden with a buttery taste along with onions, which seeps into the meat giving it a delectable and lip smacking flavor. Dieting be damned!

Changezi Chicken Corner

b885ee413f630f82adb5c63c5f0d53bf_1455546151Sticking to the implication of its name, they are known for their Changezi chicken which has a unique flavor to its gravy, tingled with just the right amount of spices and tender pieces of chicken grilled on a tawa. Lip smacking, isn’t it? You can also gorge on paya, beef biryani and a multitude of delicacies here. The closest you can get to heaven!


cf4fa948e34ca4b52321f0c964de7003_1444141646This lesser known food joint is all the right reasons you’ll fall in love with Mughlai cuisine. Start with Bheja Fry – this recipe involves scrambling the goat’s brain and then frying it. It is then cooked with spices, onions and sprinkled with Indian herbs. Another must try is the ‘nihari‘, the meat is slow-cooked for hours which makes it delicate and tender. It is then simmered in gravy with spices and garnished with a squeeze of lime and green chillies. One word – Foodgasm.

Ghalib Kebab Corner

32ab232be6deaf1bf5ebfb47dd5a038a_1437552520Spot On, Kebabs! The spiced beef needs a special mention too. Plump pieces of meat are liberally marinated with Indian spices and yogurt, grilled on long skewers and laced with the right mix of butter. The aptly cooked kebabs are best mopped with sheermal or rumali roti. Sumptuous is the word which best describes the food at Ghalib. Another must try is the Chicken tikka and Mutton stew.

Nasir Iqbal Restaurant

Delhi-BiryaniAsk anyone in Nizamuddin where the best biryani is and they’ll unhesitatingly direct you to Nasir Iqbal, and we know why! Known for their spicy ‘Moradabadi‘ biryani. It is fresh and full of colours, chunks of  juicy,perfectly cooked boneless chicken go well with the delicate grains of rice, and is served adorned with green chillies and chutney for that extra ‘zing’.

Cool Point

5a9c68b87d438338e2f4871c3ebaac6e_1447053173Crave something sweet after the feast? One of the best place for desserts and refreshments after stuffing your stomach full with the feast. Cool Point is mainly famous for its ‘shahi tukda’ (bread deep fried in pure ghee and then dipped in malai) and ‘phirni’ (a mouth-watering dessert of milk and crushed rice served in clay pots). If the heat gets too high, one can also try the refreshing kesar milk, badam milk and lassi, sure to rejuvenate the senses.

Words cannot do justice to the taste. We’ll say no more, you’ll have to go and experience yourself, for this is a gastronomy divine!

P.S. – Watch Those Calories! 





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