FleAffair – A modern day take on an old world tale

There’s something about flea markets, so much so that the plain sight of chirpy streets with flocks of vendors selling their art and craft, is every shopper’s dream! It’s not just about the bargain, it’s the beauty which enchants one towards the hustle bustle of flea markets. With the advent of e-commerce and mall culture, India’s retail sector has rapidly transformed from ‘haat’ to ‘hubs’, leaving behind a fading array of indigenous art forms and struggling local craftsmen. 

Enter FleAffair – a perfect amalgamation of traditional and modern.

At the crossroads of art and technology, thrives FleAffair – an online marketplace poised to bridge the gap between buyers and sellers, helping them to promote their products and showcase their talent. If the usual malls and run-of-the mill online portals don’t excite you enough, this is an option worth checking out! 

One can choose from an eclectic range of quality products ranging from – apparels, antiques, jewellery, accessories and much more. FleAffair aims to bring the best of talent from a sea of talent spread across India by bringing hundreds of traditional and modern vendors on a unique platform. FleAffair believe that creativity is not limited by boundaries, thus, they are dedicated towards harnessing the abundant talent from around the country and helping them reach every nook and corner. 

FleAffair represents a perfect synergy between vendors and buyers. With the advent of Internet, all the world is now one village!  Staying true to their commitment of promoting local craftsmanship, FleAffiar is empowering small and big vendors through their unique, technology driven platform and helping them reach more buyers and increase transactions. After all, our imagination is the only thing which limits our true potential! Not just a marketplace, they are a proud ambassadors of our country’s rich art and craft culture. 

Being India’s largest online flea market, they aim to connect urban with rural through the means of e-commerce. With the convenience of shopping quality products at amazing prices from your home, FleAffair helps you save time and efforts whilst enjoying our rich and wholesome collection of unique, one-0f-a-kind products. For them, it is not about profits, but about promoting art.  FleAffair is poised to carve a niche in the e-commerce sector by putting real talent up front and helping craftsmen exhibit their creations to the world.

A flea market is all about vibrant, bustling streets with a gamut of options to suit every shopper on the street. FleAffair offers a diverse range of the choicest products catering to all the age groups of the society. Be it your mother’s sari shenanigans or your grandma’s spiritual pursuits, there’s one for everyone! Their rich catalogue of products are suited to every budget – catering to every strata of society with a plethora of personalized products.

So, indulge into some retail therapy and relive the joy of shopping from your favorite flea markets. After all, what you get here at FleAffair, is always close to the heart.








Author: sharmandbharat

is in that space between music and silence.

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